What Causes Acne?


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There is no precise cause for acne. There are a number of factors that physicians believe produces this problem for many people. One of those important factors involves the hormone level in the body. The hormones are called androgens and they increase in both boys and girls during puberty. This is why there are so many pre teens and teenagers that have to deal with acne receive several types of acne medication to treat it.

Something else that causes acne is genetics.  If a child has a parent that had to deal with acne problems during childhood, then chances are they will experience similar issues also.  If a pre teen or teenager sees that they are having problems with acne, it is crucial for them to seek medication to help fight acne early in order to avoid long term affects. 

One factor that can lead to acne in girls is their menstrual period.  This is a period when hormones become very active and this can cause a flare up of problems in a good number of pre adolescent girls.  There are many acne medications that will treat this particular problem and get their skin looking perfect again over a time period.  It may take some time for the skin to clear up and return to normal again. 

Acne and pregnancy are also related.  Pregnancy and birth control pills constitutes another reason why women get acne.  When a woman is pregnant, her hormones are continually changing and all sorts of different things are taking place in her body.  Birth control pills are another source that can cause women to have an acne problem and have to depend on acne medication. 

Some medications that people take might also cause acne to occur in certain individuals.  This is usually normal and can influence pretty much anyone.  Habitually once the body accepts the medications the acne will stop or as a minimum lessen.  There are acne medications to help when this happens. 

Certain fabrics can cause acne to come out also.  Be careful with wearing tight collars, backpacks, and hats as these could bring on a case of acne on basically any part of the body.  That is another factor; acne is not just limited to the fact and it could be formed on any part of the body.  When acne shows up on different parts of the body, you might be able to control it with over the counter medicine or you might have to go see a doctor for your acne medications, depending on your severity condition.  

There are many different myths on the way acne starts, such as chocolate or greasy foods. However, there are no proven links to these rumors. Nevertheless, in several cases an individual’s diet will indeed affect their skin and this is why it is very important that you have a healthy well balanced diet. Just keep an eye on the food that you take and avoid the ones that have an obvious effect on your skin. If you take good care of your skin soon enough you won’t be needing acne medications in the future.


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