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Because of the very unhealthy diets that have turned out to be the norm in the modern days, it is no wonder that vitamin deficiencies are so rampant. Only about 10 – 20% of Americans consume the recommended amount of essential vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. This vitamin deficiency has led to a lot of problems in the bodies of Americans, and evidently the skin, which is the largest organ of the body, is affected by this deficiency also.

There are several vitamins that can all contribute to fighting and preventing the formation of acne on the skin.  Different vitamins contain different functions ranging from antioxidants to antibacterial.  Antioxidants vitamins help the skin by clearing it from damaging toxins.  Antibacterial vitamins fight the bacteria that can cause acne, by preventing it from forming.  We will mention and explain what vitamins could be used to help against acne and what do they do. 

The major vitamins that can help fight and prevent acne are Vitamin A, the B Vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Chromium and Zinc.  Each one of these vitamins will provide help in combating acne in a different way and once used in conjunction they could help significantly in decreasing the affects of acne and even prevent its breakout altogether.  If you choose to use these vitamins, almost certainly by way of form of supplements because trying to consume the correct amounts through dieting can be hard, it is very important to follow the dosage instructions and to never overdose any vitamin.  Taking a large amount of different vitamins can be toxic and could eventually can lead to illness or even worse problems, so always be very careful and patient. 

Vitamins A and E are strong antioxidants that can help to promote a healthy skin.  Zinc is also an antioxidant but even more importantly it aids in regulating the production of oil glands.  Chromium helps to reduce the infections in the skin that can prevent acne from spreading.  The B Complex vitamins and Vitamin C are more like super vitamins.  Both of these posses numerous functions in maintaining a healthy body and involving these in your daily diet is simply too important. 

The main reason that each one of these vitamins is so significant is not only their aid to fight and prevent acne but also the simple reason that a deficiency in any single one of these vitamins can cause acne breakouts. As a result of this, the significance of consuming the right amounts of these vitamins every day by way of either diet, which could be very complicated, or in supplement form is basically undisputable. By being well informed of these vitamins and by trying to meet the recommended vitamin amounts every day, an individual will be able to combat acne much more efficiently and help to prevent it from happening altogether.


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