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There are millions of individuals out there with an acne problem that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what they do. If you are like me, you probably have already tried all or most of the popular products on the market. If you gave up or are still trying to find a working method on how to clear skin, there is good news. In reality, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars every month in order to have a clear skin. In fact, you may not even have to spend any money at all.

Simply follow all these steps to clearer skin and you will notice the great improvement on your skin. 

1. Drink lots of purified water.  

A lot of people who have acne problems keep on drinking all these sodas that contain lots of acid, colors, and all those bad things for your skin.  Soda could truly mess up your face.  If you want to prevent acne, leave all sodas and other drinks on the market aside and begin to drink only purified water.  You may want to try waters like Dasani, Poland Springs, Volvic, Penta (although a little expensive), or Smart Water.  You will find out that the right water does wonders to the body and will make your skin clearer. 

2. Get rid of any and all fried foods or greasy foods from your diet. 

Some dermatologists may disagree with this, but after doing some testing of my own, I have discovered that when I stopped eating fried or greasy foods my face would start clearing and improving to the point where I was actually receiving compliments almost every day.  Fried food carries too much grease that may lead to big pimples to form in your face.  In addition, many fast food places use old grease over and over again.  Old or reused grease is one big block in your way if you are trying to get clear skin.  This is definitely not good. 

3. Drink a lot of Green Tea. 

You may or may not like to drink tea, but know that if you do, it will definitely help you have a clearer skin.  Green Tea has many antioxidants that will help in reducing your acne problems.  Try to drink green tea at least 1 to 2 times a day.  A recommended brand you can try is Celestial Seasonings Green Tea. 

4. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits every day. 

I am very sure you have heard this again and again, but some of you have never done it.  A lot of vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins that will help in healing and clearing the skin, as well as improve your overall health performance. 

5. Use pure Vitamin E oil on your face. 

Vitamin E oil has the healing and antioxidant properties to help in clearing your skin.  Apply Vitamin E oil to your face every night before going to bed.  Continued use of Vitamin E oil will improve your skin in about 2 to 3 months.  

6. Eliminate all your stress. 

For several people, stress can result in a lot of acne breakouts on the face.  Try to relax a little more by doing the things you enjoy, instead of frustrating over spilled milk. 

7. Get plenty of sleep 

Not sleeping will cause many malfunctions on your body and skin, including pimples.  This is mainly due to the stress it creates on your body.  Usually, 8 to 10 hours a day is recommended.  However, the real amount of required sleep will be based exclusively on each individual.  Always try to sleep until you feel completely rested.  Try not to over sleep either, since it may result in a similar negative outcome as lack of sleep. 

Try out these steps to clear skin and take your time. Give yourself about 3 to 6 months before you start seeing actual improvements in your skin. In order for these steps to work properly, please make sure you add each step to your daily routine. Every step must be executed on a daily basis. Don’t forget to consult with your local dermatologist if you are concerned or have worries about anything.


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