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Millions of Americans experience bouts of acne and over 35% of them end up with the type that can lead to acne scarring. There are many types of acne remedies and not too long ago a company developed another one. It is a hot chili pepper face wash that has guaranteed to clear out acne within a few short days, and without producing the burning sensation associated with hot peppers.

A good number of remedies for acne work, yet, they take weeks and even months to make any visible difference.  Many of these products are also mixed with chemicals; they are expensive and usually require a daily regimen. 

Capsaicin, the active element found in hot peppers has been shown to be an important acne fighter. As said by experts, it works by way of a thermal heat action which helps to open pores and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin.  Capsaicin contains very powerful antimicrobial properties that can help differentiate harmful bacteria that hides within the layers of the skin. 

Capsaicin also helps to desensitize sensitive skin by having an effect on a series of tiny nerves.  Capsaicin can also be beneficial for relieving chronic topical pain linked to certain circulatory conditions. 

The name of the golden acne skin care product is “Capsiderm”.  Unlike arthritis creams that are intended to relieve chronic muscle and joint pain, this capsiderm is designed exclusively to fight acne and tighten wrinkled lines on the skin surface area. 

You can expect to get immediate results within the first day or two of hot pepper face wash usage. According to the company, most acne conditions will disappear entirely within the first week, this includes severe acne cases.


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