Milia – What It Is, How It Forms And The Treatments


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We all want good looking skin. Acne represents one of the biggest obstacles in our effort. There are other skin conditions that look like acne but they are not. Milia is one of these skin problems. Milia are white spots on the face that can develop at any age. Milia are similar to white pearls and many of us can easily confuse them with acne whiteheads. They are not whiteheads, however, and for this reason milia treatment is different. Common acne treatment does not remove milia, instead, it could make the condition worse by creating more problems with the skin. Learn the difference between milia and whiteheads for a good-looking face.

Acne – What are whiteheads? 

Whiteheads are formed when the dead skin cells, white blood cells, bacteria P. Acnes and sebum block the opening of the sebaceous glands.  The gland has a closed mouth and this comedone is known as acne.  This acne can give us great problems because if it gets more infected, it could produce scarring which can potentially spoil the facial skin forever. 


Milia is the buildup of dead skin cells that is not able to escape from the skin.  Unlike whiteheads, milia does not create infection, bacteria or pus.  Milias does not form sebum.  Our skin gets rid of dead skin cells on a daily basis.  Occasionally, when these cells are not able to be shed out from the skin, they accumulate and form milia.  If you extract a milia from the skin, you only see white mass.  They are simply dead skin cells. 

Milia treatments 

The only way you can remove milia is by getting them extracted from the skin.  Don’t attempt to remove milia yourself if they are located on your eyelids.  The best way to prevent milia is to get the top skin layer exfoliated frequently.  Vitamin A derivative creams are also good products that can peel off the top layer of the skin.  

For better results with the milia prevention and removal, make sure you consult with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to diagnose your skin problems and determine the best treatment for you.


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