Is The Sun Good For Acne?


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Acne and treatments

There are many different ways to treat acne.  Not finding the right acne solutions and this condition being a very common problem has caused people to have their own alternative acne treatments.  Some of them will not help cure acne, but instead, may further damage the skin.  Many people believe that sunshine can improve acne.  But is this true?  Is the sun good for acne?  We will find out the truth about this ideology. 

Understanding Acne Causes  

Once we understand what causes acne, we can discover if sunshine affects any of them.  Due to hormonal changes and sometimes pressure or chemicals, the body produces sebum.  The gland continues to produce sebum, but the gland opening closes with dead skin.  This makes the gland inflate like a balloon.  The bacteria  P. Acnes infects the gland and inflames it.  This gland creates the acne.  If the infection is not severe it is called black head or white heads, if not pimples, cystic acne, etc. 

Acne Treatments 

Every acne treatment attempts to address one or more of the causes of acne formation.  Sunlight doesn’t address any of the causes.  Instead, what sunshine does is simply to either burn the skin or tan it.  With your skin being tanned, acne will look less noticeable and because of this we tend to believe that it is going away.  However, this isn’t true.  Rather, sun damages the skin and can cause early wrinkles, aging and even cancer.   

As a result, there is no medical evidence which reveals that sunshine can improve acne. Avoid too much sunbathing as it can damage your skin. If you decide to sunbath frequently, make sure you protect your skin with an oil free sunscreen lotion with a spf of at least 15 if you have dark skin, or 30+ if you have light skin. This way you will protect your skin from sunburns and at the same time avoid breakouts. Please consult your doctor in order to get the best acne treatment for you and stop thinking that sun can cure the condition.


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