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Many people take anti acne medication without thinking how safe they are or how their system will react to its presence. The unfortunate truth is that a lot of the acne medications, both over the counter and prescription, have some serious risks to individuals. This may range from a simple skin irritation to a more serious episode that could require hospitalization. Acne medicine is no different and must be used carefully and chosen with your own personal health in mind.

Before purchasing or using any kind of acne medicine, ensure that you read the outside packaging for any warning or cautionary notices that may affect you.  Additionally, pay close attention to the instructions and guidelines for usage and follow them thoroughly. 

If you are using any sort of acne lotion or cream medicine, apply it to only a small area of your skin first to test it out.  By doing this, you will confirm that the product does not irritate your skin prior to applying it to the rest of the infected area.  It is very important that you do this not only with new medicines, but even with an acne medicine that you have used in the past.  The reason for this is because sometimes a product that does not initially cause irritation can cause it during the next use.  Therefore, always use the test application method before exposing your whole trouble area to possible irritation. 

When selecting acne medicine, try to pick one with little or no side effects.  Medicine is designed to treat an ailment and not make it worse or create additional ones in the process.  Otherwise it defeats the whole curing acne purpose.  Despite the fact that it is true that many conventional medicines carry their own potential risks, there are some products that do not.  It is extremely important to consider any or all the side effects prior to using any type of acne medicine. 

If you are buying an over the counter acne medicine, do not get an acne product that has been opened or seems to have been tampered with. Always make sure to purchase a product that is factory sealed and, if the type of acne medicine you choose is not sealed, consider ordering it online where it is kept out of high traffic areas before it is shipped. This is just a good suggestion so that everyone passing through any given store does not have the chance to open or use the product before you buying it.


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