How To Safely Control And Treat Acne During Pregnancy


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The period during pregnancy is considered to be one of the most pleasant moments in a woman’s life, since it brings a new life into the world. However, pregnancy can be diverse for different women. Some can face many side effects in their pregnancy, while others do not experience any. A big problem faced by women during pregnancy is acne. There are many different acne treatments to choose from. The problem is that many of these treatments are not a safe way to treat acne during pregnancy. If you are a pregnant woman, you should be cautious about the acne prevention products you use. Some over-the-counter products contain ingredients that can hurt your unborn child and cause birth defects.

Acne and pregnancy can go together 

It should be noted first that some pregnancy acne is quite common among women.  During the first trimester, as the body prepares itself to provide for more than one, hormone levels will increase and cause a rise in the production of the body’s oil.  This can result in acne flare ups.  The good news is that this normally clears up by the second trimester as the body starts to plateau its hormone levels. 

The difficult part is that acne treat treatment could be frustrating, as it should be kept in mind to make sure that any medication you take to control acne doesn’t harm the fetus.  Many acne treatments are not safe to be used during pregnancy.  Some over-the-counter drugs for treating acne can even cause birth defects in the child. 

Acne Treatments to be avoided during pregnancy 

Acne treatment containing Accutane 

Research has revealed that when accutane is used, it may be very dangerous to the baby.  This ingredient can cause birth defects, and in some cases even lead to miscarriage.  When you are pregnant, you should avoid taking any products that contain accutane, especially during the breast feeding period. 

Tetracycline usage is not recommended 

Tetracycline is an oral antibiotic that is used for the acne treatment of adults and teenagers, but is not recommended during pregnancy as it can cause poor bone development in the baby.  Also, it is said that it could lead to tooth discoloration in them. 

Medications that contain female hormones 

Science is still inconclusive on this subject, that is associated with the development of the fetus and the female hormones, some hormones can be passed on to the baby either during breast feeding or for the period of pregnancy.  But then, it is believed to cause birth defects in the baby. 

Is Benzoyl Peroxide safe To Take During Pregnancy? 

One of the most common ingredients found in most acne treatments is Benzoyl peroxide.  It has been tested and determined that this particular ingredient is safe to use during pregnancy.  However, many products that contain benzoyl peroxide will also contain salicylic acid.  If taken orally, salicylic acid can cause some birth defects and may complicate pregnancy.  Therefore, if you are pregnant, you should be very careful when selecting a product that contains benzoyl peroxide as it could also have salicylic acid in it. 

What about a topical application that contains salicylic acid? 

It has not been proven that salicylic acid will cause birth defects or pregnancy complications when taking topically.  However, as a pregnant woman who knows now that salicylic acid taken orally is potentially harmful, do you truly want to take that risk? 

Another acne treatment product that doctors have recommended to be avoided if you are pregnant is retinoid.  This ingredient is a form of Vitamin A that could lead to birth defects in unborn babies.  There is no evidence that retinoid taken topically is harmful, but then again, why would you run that risk? 

Despite the fact that acne during pregnancy is not uncommon, it can create fears of topical drugs or any type of treatment during this period for acne, hence could develop stress.  With all the hormonal changes going on and the growth of new life within during the pregnancy period, it may be a challenge to control acne when you are pregnant. 

How to safely avoid and control acne during pregnancy 

Drink lots of water, if you would like to have a clearer skin.  Mild exercises during pregnancy could stimulate the blood circulation to all the parts of your body keeping ace from an outbreak.  Before consuming fresh fruits and vegetables, make sure you wash them thoroughly.  Pregnant women should stay away from junk foods and foods prepared in the microwave oven.  Cleanliness is one of the keys in the prevention of acne, hence pillow covers should be replaced regularly, hair brushes and combs should be free from dirt, face can be washed with mild soap and cold water, if possible massaging and steaming also can be done to get a clear skin. 

There are also several household treatments available.  A mask of warm oatmeal cooked without extra ingredients in it and applied to the face for about 15 to 20 minutes can clear up blemishes in as little as a few days.  Another good possibility is to put a lemon that has been cut in half on your acne.  Uncooked natural oatmeal, olive oil, garlic, mashed potatoes, and even warm sugar water are all ways to remove blemishes and prevent new ones from developing again. 

So mothers, if you find yourself with those frustrating outbreaks during your pregnancy period, have some patience and try to go as natural as possible.  Eat a healthy diet low in fats and free of preservatives, and keep away from all those manufactured acne products that claim to clear your face up in 5 days or less.  Of course, before you begin any treatment, it is recommended that you consult with a physician. 


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