How To Remove Acne Scars With Chemical Peeling


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Chemical peels are a great acne scar removal method that can be used to easily get rid of acne scars. This technique has been used for years not only to remove acne scars but also other skin blemishes and discolorations. With chemical peeling, doctors are able to remove the layers of the skin with certain chemicals. As the new skin forms the earlier blemishes disappear. Let’s find out how to treat acne scars with chemical peeling.

Keloids acne scars 

Keloids cannot be commonly removed with chemical peels.  Some people can develop Keloid type scars.  Keloids are skin growths that are filled with collagen and look very unpleasant.  Generally, doctors do not try to remove keloids because the scar healing may actually develop more of them. 

Ice pick and saucer type acne scars 

Other kinds of acne scars are ice pick type and saucer type. Chemical peeling can be a great acne scar treatment for these scars. Your doctor will evaluate the depth of the scar and then try to remove skin up to that level. As new skin keeps forming, there will be little scarring left. During the chemical peeling process, the doctors apply a chemical on the site and the chemical peels away the skin in a organized manner for some time. Redness and swelling may occur in the area if deep peeling is performed. The skin will heal in a period of approximately 10 days and at that time new skin will form.

If you have acne scars, please consult with your doctor about treating them with chemical peeling. You doctor will tell you if this method will be effective for you. You may be able to completely remove all your acne scars.


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