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A lot of young people in addition to older adults suffer from acne. There really is no cure for acne and the only thing one can do is to take acne prevention methods. Acne is a condition of clogged pores that are caused by overactive oil glands. This typically happens during puberty and may keep on into adulthood in some cases. The following are various measures you can take on how to prevent acne or at least keep its severity level to a minimum:

·         Keep your skin clean.  Make sure you wash your skin on a regular basis.  Frequent skin washing helps to get rid of excess oil on your skin  


·         Get the right amount of sleep.  When you are resting, your body restores and refreshes skin cells.  Many teenagers are notorious for not getting enough rest but proper amount of sleep is necessary in helping to prevent acne. 


·         Don’t squeeze pimples.   You have to resist the temptation to pick at pimples.  Squeezing pimples has the risk of creating a more severe acne infection. 


·         Take a shower after you exercise.   Make sure you take a shower after each exercise to avoid sweat from clogging your pores and producing another acne outbreak.  This is very important, considering many people have a shower several hours after they have finished exercise, at which time some of the damage will have already been done.  Try to exercise at a location where there are shower facilities. 


·         Wear clean white t-shirts to help keep acne off your back.   The white t-shirts have a tendency to absorb the excess oils in your skin and can help to prevent acne on your back. 


·         Take off makeup before going to bed.   Remove your makeup before you go to sleep in order to keep your pores clear of oil and bacteria and help prevent acne outbreaks. 


·         Avoid oil-based sunscreen or skin lotions.  Don’t use oil based lotions or sunscreen if you tend to have acne outbreaks.  These products will only contribute to the problem. 


·         After washing, use a cleaning solution that has Salicylic Acid.   Salicylic acid is a very effective acne treatment ingredient.  If you use a cleaning solution containing 2% of this ingredient, it can be very helpful to your skin.  This ingredient can be found in some acne cleaning pads. 

In summary, the most significant key to preventing acne outbreaks is to keep your pores clear. Clogged pores represent the main cause of acne.


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