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With some ailments, the name says it all. Acne, the dreaded condition that manifests itself as pimples or zits, is scientifically called Acne Vulgaris. Like its name reflects, it is unattractive and frequently causes more than physical scarring to millions of people worldwide. But like any other bodily symptom, there is a way to get rid of ugly acne marks.

Certainly there are many acne products available on the market to help you choose from, but the fact is that acne is not a permanent condition and acne cures that work really exist. 

Before you begin searching for available acne cures to eliminate acne marks, it may be a good idea for you to try and know what causes acne to begin with.  Contrary to popular belief, acne is not caused by bad facial hygiene. 

Almost everybody today still believes this and any acne cures that stem from this belief are very unlikely to work.  What does cause acne, however, is hormonal changes in the body which result in the production of too much oil from the sebaceous glands.  

In other occasions, acne is caused when the pores are blocked or when the sebaceous gland itself becomes infected.  In order to for them to work, acne cures must first target the underlying problem within the skin. 

An acne cure that attacks the infection of the sebaceous gland, for example, is unlikely to work in a case when the acne is a direct result of hair duct blockage.  As with any other illnesses, acne cures also must target and work on the root cause of the main problem. 

There are a various types of acne cures available in the market.  Some of these cures are the topical acne cures.  These typically come in creams or lotions that can be applied directly to the affected area.   

These kinds of acne cures typically contain topical antibiotics, glycolic acid, lactic acid and gluconic acid.  In some cases, these acne cures may also involve an active ingredient such as azelaic acid cream and in cases where the acne is severe, accutane and sotret can be the active ingredients. 

Aside from the topical, there are also a number of oral acne cures available.  The majority of chemists and drugstores have a large amount of oral acne cures available readily on their shelves. 

Nevertheless, before you use these kinds of acne cures, it may be a good idea to see a dermatologist, who will not only identify the cause of your particular acne, but also prescribe the best suitable treatment for you. 

A current innovation in the acne research field has brought to the fore another type of acne cure. This is the laser acne treatment and is becoming extraordinarily popular as it has proven to have great results for many patients. Laser acne treatment works particularly well in eliminating ugly acne marks, especially the scars that acne leaves in the behind. Always consult with your doctor so that he/she can suggest the best customized method to get rid of acne marks.


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