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If you have given up hope on acne, or are looking for alternative ways on how to get rid of acne, read on because in here you will how to cure acne naturally.

Let’s get one thing straight: Most people judge based on how their looks.  This is something that cannot be denied and probably the main reason why almost everybody is so obsessed with their appearance.  This is also why anyone suffering from acne will take extreme measures to control this disfiguring skin condition.

I know this very well because of my own self experience; acne can basically make your life miserable.  Picture yourself having a huge zit located on your lower lip with other small bumps surrounding your face and every time you’re talking to someone you keep thinking: “Is this person staring at my pimple…?”  It is a very uncomfortable position for anyone to be in.

You probably have tried everything from the over the counter drugs, to the products advertised on television.  Trust me, I have and absolutely nothing worked, and sometimes they even made my condition worsen.

I did just about anything you can think of to try to get rid of acne.   I applied astringents, creams, a mask, and I also tried exfoliating, but none of it did anything to me.  One time my roommate literally had to yell at me:  “Are you a Vegas show-girl now…what’s with all that make up?

To be honest, my experience with acne was very tragic, to say the least.

At one point I was about to give up and live with myself accepting the myths I have heard that maybe it was in my genes or as my pastor at the time said: “It is God’s will for you…” It was around this time, however, that I came across an associate who suggested something to me which made me change my life forever in regards to my acne.

The first thing he did was to ask me what I was using to prevent my acne.  I know he meant no harm, but if you have acne you will know how it feels when someone brings up the subject of this problem.  I got a little defensive and told him the product I was using rather abruptly.  He kept talking to me as if he was in my shoes feeling my discomfort and assured me that he was only trying to help me.

He introduced me to juice fasting as a therapeutic measure of healing and also told me about facial massaging and how to cleanse your face the correct way. I became curious and at the same time fascinated about these methods for the following reasons

·         They were all natural

·         They cost very little money or nothing

·         They made a lot of sense

After I tried all the methods simultaneously, in just about 3 or 4 days my acne was gone and even the razor bumps I also had.  I felt real good when I walked into the office and knew that the girls were looking at me admirably and it was a huge relief to know that this horrible mask was finally taken off me.  It was a great feeling!

Years later I learned more about Naturopathy, Yoga and diet, and I decided to put some information together and provide people some useful tips to help them cure their acne naturally.

1.    You must change your diet if you want to control your acne . The right diet will clear up your and also your overall health and well-being, so why not take this step? A recommended diet will be a mucus-less diet containing raw and cooked fruits, Leafy and Root vegetables augmented with some sort of fast.  

2.    Stop using all topical and ingested drugs. Take my word for it and get rid of all the topical and ingested drugs you’re using to fight acne because, based on my experience, they could make matters worse.

3.    Learn to massage your face adequately . There are a great variety of techniques you can use to try to massage your face that will be very helpful against your acne. You can get information about these facial massages by using the internet and typing: ‘ facial massaging’ in the search field of your favorite search engine.

4.    Change your pillowcase daily. Changing your pillowcase everyday can help your face stay cleaner.

5.    Start some type of exercise routine .  Exercising not only makes you healthier and fitter, but it helps you in detoxifying your skin.  This is a very important process in maintaining a healthier skin. 

By applying the steps above, you will see a great improvement on your skin.  You will be able to cure acne naturally without using any kind of drugs and expensive visits to the dermatologists.  The only thing you need is to be shown how.  Remember that nature knows best.


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