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The very well-known saying, “you are what you eat” cannot be truer than when it comes to the common causes of acne.   Frequently, people who are not consuming a healthy diet or whose diet is lacking the proper amount of critical vitamins and minerals experience acne problems.

You should always remember that your body has to be healthy before your skin can become healthy, so make every effort to eat a well balanced diet, and devote yourself to a more active lifestyle with the purpose of enjoying an unblemished, smooth, acne free skin. 

If you are having skin problems, before treating your body’s largest organ with harsh chemicals or taking medications that might interfere with your other prescriptions, look first at the nutrition value of your present diet.  Follow these guidelines in order to improve your skin and protect yourself from acne. 

Avoid Fats, Sugars and Oils 

Many times, consuming a diet that is high in fats, oils and sugars could wreck havoc on a person’s skin.  While these unpleasant additions to your diet can lead to additional issues seen in your body, what you eat directly will ultimately influence the quality of your skin. 

The majority of individuals experienced a break out after bringing on junk food or fast food, most of which is high in fat, carbohydrates, sugar and oils.  If you would like to prevent acne breakouts related to eating this unhealthy food, start substituting these items in your diet with foods that are natural and healthier. 

Foods that give you acne: Avoid popular misconceptions 

Many people think that eating certain types of foods that are bad for acne or can worsen acne condition.  The most popular food to be blamed for bad skin is, without a doubt, chocolate.  Chocolate lovers will take great pleasure in noticing that not one single particular type of food, including chocolate, has been proven to cause or worsen acne in people.  Nevertheless, it is better if you enjoy your chocolate in moderation since your whole diet could surely have an effect on the quality of your skin’s appearance, despite the fact that one particular item might not be the trigger. 

Eat Organic Foods 

If you are going to modify your diet for the better, make sure to include fresh, wholesome foods into your new lifestyle.  A lot of persons have discovered a great success incorporating organic foods into their diet, because these items don’t contain any added chemicals, preservatives, or possible toxins that could affect both your body and your skin. 

Additionally, structure your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, which consist of the necessary vitamins that will positively have an effect on your whole body.  Moreover, you might want to stay away from eating meat products that are high in fat, since fats could be quickly stored in your system and will last longer after that greasy burger has been digested. 

Consume vitamin and mineral supplements 

A great number of people do not get the properly daily recommended dose of vitamins or minerals in their diet.  This is why it is better if you look into including supplements in your daily health regimen.  Always remember that before you take any supplements or medications of any type, make sure that you consult with your primary health care provider to ensure that the dosage is appropriate and the medication will not negatively interact with your current prescriptions. 

Also, you may want to get a solid multi vitamin that is specific for your age, gender, or activity level.  Be sure to search for supplements that contain Vitamin E, an essential vitamin when it comes to the health of your skin. 

Hydrate Your body and skin 

If you don’t drink at least 8 ounce glasses of water every day, you are not hydrating your body to a healthy extend.   A large amount of people are not properly hydrated and their skin will pay the price for it.  If your skin is dull, ashy, flaky, itchy, or very dry, chances are you are not drinking enough water to benefit your body and skin.  

Hydrated skin becomes fresh and glowing, so it is better if you drink up if you want to experience these excellent effects.  In addition to benefiting your skin, drinking the proper amount of water on a daily basis will also improve your overall sense of health.  Stay away from drinking sodas or sugary sports drinks, since the sugar and sodium that these products contain could be damaging to your healthy lifestyle. 

If you follow the above mentioned guidelines for clear skin, you can actively work to maintain a healthy looking skin that is free of acne. If you are suffering from acne or other skin conditions, then try to focus inward for a treatment of this problem rather than slathering your skin with potentially harmful creams or lotions that can create more harm than good. By eating a proper diet, you will make sure that your skin, as well as your body, will be healthy.


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