Baby Acne: How It Develops, The Causes And The Treatments


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Sometimes small babies can get acne because of the lingering maternal hormones after delivery, which could cause stimulation to the baby’s sebaceous glands. Your baby collects these hormones from the placenta, following the delivery.

If your baby has pimples, don’t worry.  Around 20% of newborn babies are affected by baby acne, which is known as acne neonatorum. 

There are several aspects of this irregular kind of acne.  Firstly, the treatment for baby acne is not the same as the treatment for acne of any other age group.  

Infantile acne is gender biased.  Usually, male babies are more affected than female babies.  Typically babies will have the acne attack around the age of 3 weeks.  Other babies develop it from the time of delivery.  The common forms of acne you find in infants are papules and pustules.  Papules are red bumps and pustules consist of whiteheads.  They contain a collection of pus. 

Some babies develop acne on the scalp.  Acne in babies doesn’t require treatment as such.  The lesions will take care of themselves for a period of 4 months.  However, do take normal care of the baby as you would take care of its other body parts. 

With mild baby soap, gently clean the face once a day with water.  Do not attempt to use harsher methods by applying oil and other lotions which you believe are good.  They could sometimes, worsen the situation.  Keep in mind that infantile acne will disappear when it has to.  

In your anxiety when trying to take a picture of the baby, try not to stuff his/her cheeks with cosmetics and if at all you are required to have the touch ups, do it in an imaginative way. 

If you or your family physician feels that the baby suffers severe acne, then you can treat the affected are with benzoyl peroxide, keratolytic agents or topical creams like retinoids. 

The ways of acne are certainly mysterious.  If you have a family history of acne, this doesn’t necessarily indicate that your baby will get acne.  Moreover, simply because the baby has acne, it does not mean that, he/she will suffer from the attack of acne, when he/she grows up.  Acne has its own working style and attacking tactic. 

Infantile acne, which typically shows after the age of three months in a baby, quietly goes away after the age of 12 months.  No special baby acne treatments are needed.  In several babies, the condition can last up to 3 years.  It is as a result of genetic makeup of your baby.  You have something to contribute to it, like the hereditary part. 

You have nothing to do with the baby acne remedy part. Just observe your baby’s arrival and departure. Arrival with anxiety and departure with pleasure, that is!


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