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As mature people, our hormones are supposed to be in check. However, hormonal imbalances are one of the major causes of adult acne. Typically the blemishes appear in women during pregnancy or for the duration of a month cycle. Even though the pimples usually clear up without any treatment, it is a good suggestion to consult with your physician in order to check for hormonal imbalances that might be the cause of adult acne. 

Additional things that can contribute to a less than perfect skin complexion consist of a proper diet and this includes the water intake.  Some people argue that diet alone is not directly linked to acne breakouts, but I am firm believer that it contributes to one of the causes of adult acne.  I usually notice that my face breaks out if I eat junk food and if I don’t drink sufficient water.  This normally happens over a course of a few days and in combination.  The latter is more important as one of the causes of adult acne breakouts for the reason that sometimes I get away with snacking on junk food without breakouts if I drink sufficient water. 

Men also show signs that there is a chemical imbalance which may be a significant thing that should be considered when searching for adult acne causes.  Hair loss could signify a sign that major changes are taking place in a man’s system.  Women are not exempt from the concerns of hair loss, either.  If you are experiencing both hair loss and an acne breakout, you should consult with a doctor who will be able to tell you if there is a connection. 

Keeping tacking of your mood and your diet could help you find the causes of adult acne.  Every now and then we have to listen to our bodies.  It could take a bit more time and effort, but you might be surprised that the causes of adult acne are actually manageable.  A great way to tell if hormones are at play is to consider other signs of imbalance.  For instance, hormones can factor in as the cause of adult acne if they emerge along with a severe case of premenstrual syndrome. 

There is no such thing as a case of PMS that is not severe, at least according to my husband.  You might be able to address both the Premenstrual syndrome problems and the acne blemishes problems all at once.  This can lead to a very happy, pimple-free home. 

A lot of mature people remember the days when blemishes and pimples were major sources of anxiety.  One of the benefits of getting older is losing the worry of waking up in the morning with a new pimple or waking up with a cluster of them.  Acne is habitually associated with adolescence.  Puberty is a period of hormonal disorder, as well as epidermal awakenings.   

There are a number of things to consider when breakouts are no longer part of a rite of passage. The causes of adult acne do not necessarily revolve around an individual’s facial cleaning system. Simply because you cleanse your face doesn’t indicate that you will be automatically have a blemish free skin. The breakouts are frequently a message that adult acne causes are working internally. Your internal workings are basically worn on your face.


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