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There are several different types of blemishes that one can get on the face. Commonly they are all called acne but when it comes to treatment, it is very important to recognize exactly what is happening with your skin. Typically people who have acne are familiar with whiteheads (milium), yet they are not aware of their causes or how to get rid of them. The difference between this and a blackhead is that blackheads are exposed to oxygen that creates the black look.

A whitehead is a build-up of oils and dead skin that plugs up your skin pores.  It is embedded underneath the skin so this is why it appears as a raised white bump.  These are also known as “closed comedones”.  The reason for this is because the pore is not open and oxygen does not come in contact with it.  They are caused by hardened oils under the skin which clog the pores, which is the main cause of acne in the first place. Some dermatologists believe that individuals with frequent acne outbreaks can produce drier oil than normal.   Because of this, it makes them susceptible to getting clogged pores.  If you wear makeup, stay away from anything that is greasy to prevent all forms of acne.  Some other acne prevention tips consist of washing your pillowcase regularly also as your hair.  This will stop old dirt and oils from rubbing off onto your skin and causing irritation. 

If you are having a problem with whiteheads, there are many whitehead treatment options available that can clear your skin right up.  The Derma Cleanse Acne Treatment System cleans, tones, and detoxifies your skin.  The system also regulates the hormones in the body in order to normalize the oil secretion.  You don’t have to see a dermatologist to get this medicine, although it is recommended by many of them.  Using a deep pore cleanser could stop whiteheads from ever developing.  It can also assist in gently dislodging current spots over time.  While the chance of scarring from a whitehead is not likely to happen, you should still never attempt to remove them yourself.  If you squeeze whiteheads, it can damage your skin and cause an infection.  In addition, the contents that leak onto the skin can cause more acne to form.  A doctor will be able to remove whiteheads individually for you in the office by using a sterile tool. 

If you rather use a prescription given by your dermatologist than deal with your whiteheads, a commonly prescribed medicine is Differin gel. It is a topical retinoid treatment that works to reduce acne inflammation, in addition to increasing cell formation. It is a more effective medicine than others like Retin-A and it is also less irritating to the skin. It is an alcohol free lotion and is light and non greasy. Also, people who have very sensitive skin can use the less harsh Differin cream. Lots of people with whiteheads also have other sorts of acne that this medicine can be beneficial to use for as well. A person can decide to prescribe an oral contraceptive as a means to control hormones in females. This is also helpful when clearing up many types of acne.


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