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A very typical misconception about acne is that it only affects teens in their adolescence. The truth is, however, a great amount of adults also develop what is better known as adult acne. This can lead to physical, psychological and even social effects on people who are suffering from acne.

The effects of adult acne could be even more serious than the acne you get in your teens.  The reason for this is because as you age, your skin loses collagen and it becomes harder for the skin to repair broken tissues.  As a result, acne developed in adulthood could leave you ugly permanent scars.

Sometimes it could be difficult to diagnose the psychological effects of adult acne because of the common misconceptions that surround them. For example, it would make sense to say that psychological effects of adult acne is easier to deal with given that the person has matured and is not prone to teenage tantrums. Studies have proven, however, that the psychological effects of acne in adults may be actually worse because this condition is normally perceived to be affecting teens specifically.

Today it is much easier for adults to seek treatment from dermatologists as acne continues to be recognized as an issue not only pertaining to teens but also to adults.  More over the counter treatments have become available as well as acknowledgement about adult acne.

Throughout the last years, adult acne research has been increased numerously to determine its causes and effects on the older patients.  This increases the amount of awareness about the condition and makes it easier for more individuals to get treatment.

Thanks to the internet, information about the condition is now accessible from the comfort of your own home.  In addition, you can also get information from medical journals and publications.  All this means that the public can understand how it works and how they can attack it with better results.  More care is also being driven to the psychological aspects it has on adults.  Keep in mind that acne affects adults attitudes towards them and how they are perceived the same way it affects teens.

In summary, the best way to treat this problem is by understanding what causes it.  Having good knowledge about it and how to treat it’s physical manifestation will mean that the psychological and social problems could be treated too.


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