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Since acne is considerably the most common disease in the world, it’s always surprising to see the amount of misinformation there is about acne treatments. There are lots of frequently held believes regarding acne treatments, which hold no scientific or medical validity, but for some reason continue to be passed on from people to people. More worrying is the possible results of trying some of these options. The following consists of a list of common acne treatments that categorically do not work.

1. Household cleaning products, even when diluted, should not be used for the treatment of acne.  There could be severe adverse reactions, which consist of chemical burns from pursuing this route. 

2. Similarly cleaning powders don’t work for treating acne. 

3. Washing up liquid is not an effective treatment for acne. 

4. Home facial saunas will do nothing else but to aggravate the already sensitive skin. 

5. Sticky tape left on the skin overnight and removed in the morning will indeed be a good way to remove dead skin cells and excess oil, but will likely damage the sensitive skin, and can create an allergy to the glue. 

6. Prolonged exposure to the sun or using a sun bed does not clear acne.  Besides, it can be dangerous if you are also taking certain types of oral medication.  For instance, if you are taking certain antibiotics in tablet form, it will make your skin highly sensitive to the sun light. 

7. Sudocrem is a very good treatment for nappy rash, but very ineffective for acne, mainly for the reason that it contains a mixture of greases and oils that are bad for acne. 

8. Squeezing your pimples is generally not recommended in fighting acne.  Doing so will extend and spread the acne to additional parts of the affected area. 

9. Taking high doses of vitamin A or B does not directly help your acne, and could even cause side effects. 

There are a lot of other acne treatments that do not work.  Many of these unsuccessful acne treatment regimes will worsen an already bad condition.  Stay away from these shortcuts and stick with a program overseen by your medical professional, or one which is based on firm scientific and medical facts.  By doing this, you will succeed in overcoming your acne condition. 


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