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Acne is a form of skin lesion that is caused by blockage of sebum gland follicle duct. The gland becomes infected by P.Acnes, a bacterium located naturally in the skin. There are lots of anti acne medicines available in the market. These anti acne products come in multiple forms. They are available as acne creams, acne lotions, acne cleansers, acne pills, acne injections, etc. The acne cream ingredients may consist of the following medicines.

Benzoyl peroxide, triclosan, and chlorhexidine gluconate are all antibacterial ingredients that can kill the bacteria that resides in acne.  Benzoyl peroxide acne lotion is considered the best acne medicine and has an effectiveness rate as high as 75%. 

Salicylic acid, glycolic acid and other mild acids acne lotions work by peeling skin on a micro level and thus opening the skin pore. These are used to treat mild to moderate acne. 

Erythromycin, clindamycin and tetracycline are antibiotics which come as topical acne lotions or as oral acne pills. They are used to destroy the bacteria.  However, P.Acnes has can develop resistance to most antibiotics.  Antibiotics are given in cases of severe acne together with benzoyl peroxide acne lotion. 

Cyproterone, drospirenone and cortisone are given as hormonal treatment for acne.  These are designed to reduce the production of sebum.  Acne hormone treatment is usually more effective in women than it is in men. 

Tretinoin, adapaline, retinol and isotretinoin are all retinoids.  They are available as acne creams or acne lotions.  These work by regulating the life cycle of follicle cells in order to avoid hyperkeratinization of follicle cells. 

All these are available as acne cleansers, acne injections, acne pills, creams, lotions, etc.  A good number of them are available over the counter.  Self medication, however, could be dangerous.  Make sure you consult your doctor before using any of the medicines listed here. 

There are also many dietary supplements like Acuzine available in the market that aids the medicines listed above. They are designed to provide vital ingredients required by the skin to recover. They may contain ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins E & C, hydrolyzed collagen, DMAE, ALA, Bioperine, Aloe vera, etc.


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