Acne Aromatherapy: Effective Acne Treatment Using Essential Oils


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Studies have shown throughout the years that aromatherapy can be used for treating acne. Several essential oils have been demonstrated to be effective in getting rid of acne. Here are the ones.

It is known that tea tree oil has antifungal and antiseptic properties.  In addition, it has been used for many years as an antimicrobial agent and to help clear skin of acne.  A study conducted with over 100 participants, published in the Medical Journal of Australia, proved that a 5% tea tree oil gel was just as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion for the treatment of acne.  Although the tea tree oil worked slower to clear acne, it caused fewer side effects. 

Sandalwood essential oil has been shown to slow down the growth of a type of bacteria that commonly causes acne to form.  It is believed that a particular element of sandalwood essential oil, farnesol, can perform antibacterial and antifungal activity.  Other essential oils that contain farnesol consist of palmarosa, jasmine and ylang ylang.  These essential oils can also be an effective acne treatment system for getting rid of acne. 

You can create your own aromatherapy acne wash by adding up to 5% of the essential oils mentioned above to unscented face or body wash.  For an aromatherapy acne gel, you can use pure aloe vera gel as the base, and then add up to 5% of the essential oils mentioned above. 

Make sure that you avoid getting essential oils in or near your eyes. Also beware that a lot products that have tea tree oil, the risk of sensitization is greater because of the increased exposure. There is always the risk of becoming sensitized to specific essential oils. Therefore, it is wise to rotate use of different essential oils, instead of using the same essential oils every time.


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