Acne And Oily Skin


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Acne is a huge problem for most of us. On top of that if you have oily skin the condition becomes worse. The oil on the skin shines and the face will start to look unsightly. There seems to be a close connection between oily skin and acne.

Acne is a real cosmetic problem.  A lot of acne patients every so often feel that they would never be acne free.  With the most recent treatments, if you have some patience, you may treat your acne effectively.  But is there an acne solution if you have oily skin? 

What is oily skin? 

Our skin contains sebaceous glands.  These glands produce sebum, which maintains our skin well moisturized and protects skin from microbial infections.  The sebum consists primarily of lipids and dead skin cells.  The skin is continuously producing the sebum.  For some individuals, the skin produces more than the required sebum.  Such case is the result of oily skin. 

Why some people get oily skin. 

Why do some people have oily skin?  As mentioned above, the sebum makes the skin oily.  Some individuals have overactive sebaceous glands.  This is mostly due to the hormones that trigger excess sebum production.  This is why many women tend to have more oily skin during their menstrual periods.  Aside from regular care of the oily skin, consult with your doctor about any method on how to control the androgens that trigger the production of sebum. 

Acne and oily skin 

Oily skin becomes the right environment for the P. acnes bacteria to grow. Since there is more oil in the glands and on the skin, these bacteria infect a lot of the glands and create acne. If you have oily skin, you may want to handle it properly, or else your chances of getting acne could become very high. Make sure you consult your doctor for any medical concerns you may have.


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